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Forklift Training

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         Heavy Equipment Operator Safety

                         Fall Protection

Training and Certification

OSHA, ANSI & ASME Compliant

Safety Training Meetings


Who needs to be trained and certified?

All Heavy Equipment Operators

Why do forklift drivers & other heavy equipment operators need to be trained and certified?

If an employee is not correctly trained and certified on how to use a forklift, their incompetence could lead to serious material damage, personal injury, or even death in the workplace. If your employees need to operate a forklift on the job then they will need to complete forklift operator safety training and become forklift certified as required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

How often should an operator need to be trained, evaluated and certified?

Every 3 years

A change in the working environment

A change in the equipment

When there is an accident

When there is a near miss

When there is a pattern of unsafe operating practices

What do you offer in regards to training?

Classroom training and Onsite training as required

Video, Lecture, Hands on Training, Test and Initial Evaluation and Completion Evaluation

You will receive all documentation for your files.

Texas Forklift Training  provides Forklift Operator Safety Certification along with other Heavy Equipment Safety Certification.  We provide  OSHA Forklift Certification & Other Heavy Equipment Operator Safety Training in compliance with OSHA 29CFR1910.178 (I).


 Heavy Equipment:   Forklifts, Stand Reach Trucks, Order Pickers, Electrical Pallet Jacks, Aerial Boom Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Skid Steers, Wheel Loaders, Rail Car Movers, Fall Protection and much more.

Do you offer Job Assistance?

Yes, upon request we do offer Job Assistance by referring you to Employment Agencies.  Please keep in mind with other competitors with their wording such as "Guaranteed Job Assistance"!  Assistance is NOT the same as Placement in which "Placement" actually is placing you with a job position.