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Our Fall Protection certification provides training in fall protection and the requirements for safety. Many employees in general industry work on scaffolds, climb up and down ladders, walk on narrow stairs, or work in areas where there may be holes in the floor or elevated floors which have unprotected edges.

Careless or improper use of equipment can result in serious injury or death. Employers and employees should know how to use personal fall arrest systems, including manufacturers' recommendations and should be trained in the selection of personal fall protection equipment.

What will you learn in this training?

• Fall Protection Recognition

• Fall Hazard Surveys and Procedures

• Applicable Fall Protection Regulations

• Responsibilities of Designated Persons under this Standard

• How to use Written Fall Protection Procedures

• Inspection of Equipment Components and Systems

• Fall protection Rescue Procedures

* * * 2017 Texas OSHA Law Update * * *

READ NOW (Important Update); On the 1st, OSHA increased the max fine from $70,000 to $124,000 for willful (knowing the law but ignoring it) and repeat violations.  You know the law – do not fail to train your crew. Get compliant now.